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AbGenomics lead drug candidate AbGn-168H.

Rong-Hwa Lin, CEO and Founder of AbGenomics.. AbGenomics raises $11 million in current financing round AbGenomics International announced today that it offers raised $11 million in current financing round. AbGenomics will use the proceeds to continue advancing it is therapeutic antibodies for autoimmune cancers and diseases. AbGenomics’ lead drug candidate AbGn-168H, a humanized monoclonal antibody that induces loss of life of pathogenic activated T cells for the treating autoimmune illnesses, will enter Phase II clinical trials in 3Q, 2012. The company’s second candidate, AbGn-7, is certainly a therapeutic antibody currently in Stage 1 medical trials for the treatment of stomach tumors.Shelley Berger, PhD, Daniel S. Och University director and Professor of the Epigenetics System at the University of Pennsylvania, and David Bungard, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the Berger laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania College of Medicine, in collaboration with Craig Thompson, MD, director of the Abramson Cancer Center at Penn, and Russell G. Jones, PhD, Goodman Cancer Center at McGill University, found that AMPK binds right to sites on chromosomes called promoters that regulate gene expression related to cell metabolism. They published their findings this week in Science Express online. Unlike genetic changes, which involve a transformation or mutation in DNA sequence, epigenetic changes in the nucleus leave the DNA sequence unaltered but change the histone proteins, which comprise the backbone of the chromosome.