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According to a study published conducted by the Gynecologic Oncology Group.

‘We encourage scientific trial participation in the hopes that people will improve the end result for our sufferers with gynecologic malignancies.’ An estimated 22,220 ladies in the usa were diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2005. It causes even more deaths in the United States than any other cancer of the feminine reproductive system, with around 16,210 women dying from the disease in 2005. The most recent statistics show that just 45 % of ladies survive five years after becoming diagnosed with ovarian cancer; the price increases to 94 % when the disease is normally diagnosed before it has spread. However, women with ovarian cancer frequently have no symptoms or only moderate symptoms until the disease is definitely advanced. As a result, only 19 % of all full situations are detected at that early, localized stage.‘Mammography screening is not ideal but has been proven to markedly reduce the amount of women every year who die from breast cancer,’ stated Elizabeth Morris, MD, FACR, president of the Culture of Breast Imaging. ‘Your choice whether or not really to get a mammogram remains with women.’ The ACR and SBI believe females 40 and older should have usage of mammograms and that Medicare and personal insurers should be required to cover them for these examinations.. Addition of oregano natural oils to sunflower seeds preserves positive sensory attributes, freshness quality Sunflower seeds and sunflower oils have already been shown to decrease threat of cardiovascular disease in addition to have potential beneficial effects on obesity, bone health, and blood pressure.