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Lev – Wiesel. ‘It is also important to remember that since the screening process serve as a trigger serve as a trigger for re-traumatisation, a specially trained team provide provide a safe environment and psychological assistance.. According to Prof. Lev – Wiesel, the main post-traumatic symptoms that these women have been reported distance and avoidance. The study also found that the more severe the child sexual abuse, the stronger the correlation between the PTS symptoms and poor physical health during pregnancy. ‘Gynecological problems can the body’s manifestation of the child sexual abuse trauma,’Prof. Lev – Wiesel explains. The study of the study have to recognize important practical implications for health care providers, practitioners and obstetrics gynecologist It is necessary and to address the psychological state of pregnant child sexual abuse survivors, ‘says Prof.

The current study investigated the possibility of sexual abuse in childhood retraumatization learn triggered the desired pregnancy. A group of 1,830 pregnant women participating at the study were in high-and low-risk groups, which are further divided into three subgroups: who were victims who were victims of child sexual abuse, those remember of traumas experienced in childhood, and those who had experienced no significant trauma. Compared with women who significant significant injuries before in childhood sexually abused in childhood, the study shows, suffer greater depression and posttraumatic symptoms.

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Some HIV / AIDS experts have said reducing spending to HIV / AIDS program would be dangerous to which AP / Google.com trusted. ByKevin DeCock, Director of the HIV / AIDS program for the World Health Organization, by the international community ‘can not permit the pendulum back to a time when we did not say much about AIDS,’adding in that ‘millions of people ‘is a treatment for HIV / AIDS and ‘we simply can not stop.’Although HIV / AIDS advocacy includes celebrity Ambassador of has nobody ‘the barrel beat on fundamental health problems,’said Daniel Halperin, an HIV / AIDS researchers have the Harvard School of Public Health.

Global spending on HIV / AIDS is $ 8000000000 to $ 10 billion a year, more than 100 times the amount of outputted at water projects in developing countries, accordance with the AP / Google.