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According to the letter.

‘We compliment the leadership of Martha Coakley , Attorney General of Massachusetts, and William Mims , Attorney General of Virginia for championing of the use of fair and precise data in assessing quality in nursing homes for consumer use and for requesting a short-term suspension and revision to the prevailing Five-Star ratings system.’ Related StoriesUse of observation remains may lead to monetary burden for a few Medicare patientsDenis Mukwege to end up being honored with 2016 Penn Nursing Renfield Base Award for Global Women's HealthCholinesterase inhibitor delays nursing home entrance in late-stage ADIn part, the letter to Secretary Sebelius also claims: In the curiosity of consumers and also providers, we believe it imperative that the current 5 STAR System be suspended temporarily and revised using a more appropriate criterion-reference evaluation methodology.Requirements that any clinic or medical company that delivers medical monitoring for an adult film production company collect and provide production company information to OSHA or any condition or local health division in the course of any investigation of workplace transmission or contact with an infectious disease. Mandatory labeling at the beginning of each adult film that says that the adult film was produced pursuant to OSHA or the state-plan comparative requirements. Prohibition of the distribution and product sales of adult films produced in violation of OSHA or the state-plan equivalent requirements to hotels, cable content companies and others in industrial settings when condoms were not used by performers.