• Home Active-living neighborhoods are an important component of reversing our nations obesity epidemic.

Active-living neighborhoods are an important component of reversing our nations obesity epidemic.

Bike paths were probably to be connected with lower incidence of obesity. Safety was also important. Perceptions of neighborhood security were among the strongest predictors of exercise, said Slater. If children don’t feel safe walking or biking within their neighborhood after that they’re not likely to use outdoor physical-activity related configurations or facilities. Wooten shows that communities could reap some benefits from working with local teenagers in planning teen-particular recreational facilities. They could find skate parks, community gardens, or bicycle trails are more teens’ speed, she said. When choosing a community to live in, parents should look beyond whether their school includes a fancy new sports field. They also needs to look at whether their teenagers can walk or bike to school, and whether they can walk or bike to nearby locations – whether those places are parks or a YMCA or actually the local library, said Wooten..Control. Do you wait in the lunch time line only to find when you can the front that you don’t like what they’re serving? So you reach for pizza again. A healthy packed lunch lets you avoid the lunch collection . Getting your own lunch also lets you control exactly what goes into the food you eat. 2. Variety. It doesn’t hurt to cave in and enjoy the casual serving of pizza and hot dogs. But if you are eating these foods on a regular basis, your body feels ready for a change probably. A packed lunch a couple of times weekly means you can enjoy some favorites that you might not really find at every school — such as a piping popular thermos of your mom’s chicken soup; hummus and pita bread; or some sharp, farm-stand apples. 3. Energy. Should you have a big activity or video game after school, plan a lunch and snack foods that combine lean proteins with carbohydrates to give you lasting energy and maintain you going right through the late afternoon.