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All you must know about Botox!

There are several commonly faced side effects of Botox out of which some are pointed out below: o Minor to moderate to severe headache o Severe migraines o Irritation of skin o Mild to high fever o Droopy eyelids o Heaviness in locations where Botox is injected o Swelling of facial muscle groups o Pain in areas where Botox in injected o Swelling of the eyelids * Things to remember before getting Botox: It is okay when you have made a decision to inject Botox into your facial muscle tissue; you are not the first woman to do this.In situations of tumor progression, the analysis treatment was discontinued and further local or systemic treatment was permitted at the discretion of the investigator. Patients cannot undergo surgery for in least 28 days after the last bevacizumab or chemotherapy infusion. Assessment of End Factors Hematologic and biochemical methods weekly were assessed; the target lesion and regional lymph nodes had been examined by palpation at every cycle. Breast ultrasonographic examination was repeated after every second cycle; ultrasonographic mammography and examination were performed before breast surgery.