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Approximately 50 percent Editorial.

Times states in an editorial is not perfect is not perfect , but it offers women a way even without the even without the cooperation of their male partners, that a potentially huge breakthrough, the editorial continued. According to the Times, women make up about 50 percent of the 33 million people with HIV worldwide, including 60 percent of new cases in sub-Saharan Africa. Even a 40 percent to 50 percent reduction in their rate of infection could help slow the epidemic, and the development of a stronger microbicide gel could lead to a substantial impact, says the editorial. To see, and effectiveness have be confirmed in a larger clinical trial is already underway, the editorial states.

The analysis, published in the January / February 2008 issue of Science Watch reports identified places CSHL in the top one % of the institutions most cited and his research with significant impact on molecular biology and genetics research 2002-2006.. More specifically, CSHL was the sixth most cited research facility during the period of five years, with nearly 11,000 total citations. Among peers, CSHL scientists ranked third, make make into a position of influence for future studies in molecular biology and genetics research.

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African American women and 18-34 the survey were even rather than other saying in that is unsafe for to take depression medications during pregnancy or the postpartum period.