• Home Are other sites that the authors defined as social media MySpace.

Are other sites that the authors defined as social media MySpace.

Are other sites that the authors defined as social media MySpace, Twitter, gaming sites and virtual worlds such as Club Penguin, Second Life and the Sims, and also video sites such as YouTube.

Researchers at the NYU Langone Medical Center report that the orally administered drug, mebendazole, the growth and progression of human melanoma tumors grafted in mice inhibited. The researchers in the animals, a 72 % reduction in tumor volume, the inactivation of a key protein which normally promotes melanoma survival and a concomitant 81 % in cancer cells the observed programmed to die. The researchers are now planning a clinical trial to examine the appropriate dosage of the drug, the first step towards assessing the effectiveness of the drug in patients with metastatic melanoma..With minimal risks on the market of of the first superconducting cyclotron for Hadron Therapy.

Hadron Therapy is one of the most elaborate radiotherapic treatment of on Tumours. Particularly ions have a higher radiobiological effects: can hit indeed Depth tumors Until now the for that reason especially on radioresistent tumors such brain tumor, ones of head and neck area and lung and pancreatic carcinoma. Proton therapy will instead given to tumor is in the vicinity of vulnerable organs such as the mind, head base, or down the spinal column, because to deflect the beam the form able lead in a fine ways..

There in the world multiple centers for hadron therapy, primarily Japan and in the United States. In Italy there is the sperimental projects Catana . – new the cyclotron with INFN developed and realized on Iba able the therapeutic power of the therapeutic power of the hadron therapy centers of.

Homonuclear on this Istituto Nazionale di FISICA The INFN is a publicly institution to research in nuclear and subnuclear Physik. That INFN has four national laboratories in and runs in many of Italian university. It has Collaborating worldwide.