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Aspirin Foundation: U.S. Experts recommend avoid aspirin To First heart attack or strokeaspirin should be recommended the risk the risk of heart attack in men aged 45 to 79 and to reduce the risk of stroke in women aged not not heart disease, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended .

For women ages 55 to 59, the risk-benefit ratio is favorable, if the 10-year risk of stroke is 3 percent. The USPSFT says that the benefits of aspirin not proven for men or women in the younger age groups, with people aged 80 or above, or to reduce the risk of heart attack in women .

Take aspirin to prevent heart attack or stroke by to prevent heart disease not known to prevent heart disease is known as primary prevention. An individual risk from their from their sex, smoking, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. European guidelines recommend primary prevention with aspirin when the risk of heart attack is more than 10 percent per year in the United Kingdom, primary prevention is not for people over 50 years recommended if the 10-year risk of more than 20 percent .L. And manager of the MRC Lifecourse epidemiology of at universities Southampton and Oxford. ‘Physicians should ask your local patients, and particularly male patients should, over their history of falls accordance with the age of 45. Not only will this be valuable information when assessing whether or a unique treat osteoporosis, but also would be well as on the physician the opportunity to falls falls preventive strategies ‘.

OC7 Summary: Clinical risk factors, BMD and fall history in the forecast of the incoming breakage among men and women, Edwards , et al / I u003e Osteoporosis International DOI 10.1007/s00198-011-1554-9. Provided by:. L.