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ASTRO awards nearly $400.

Igor Barani, M.D., of Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center/Massey Cancer Middle in Richmond, Va., and Ajay Bhatnagar, M.D., of the University of Pittsburgh Tumor Institute in Pittsburgh, will each get a Resident/Fellow in Radiation Oncology Research Seed Grant. The $30,000 grant is definitely conferred upon residents or fellows who are organizing a career that will focus primarily on simple science or clinical research. Gil Bar-Sela, M.D., of Rambam INFIRMARY in Haifa, Israel, will be presented with the ASTRO/NCI Fellowship Faculty Translational Study Award. Dr. Bar-Sela will be awarded an annual income of $80,000 and spend two years at NCI to make use of the unique assets the institute offers, including the Radiation Oncology Branch.Mantra Yoga: Mantra yoga exercise is practiced to realize peace of mind also to increase the ability to focus better. This is performed by chanting the mantras with a sense of purpose. This can help in curing up mental disorders by cleansing mind and reduce any pressures or stress. Benefits of Yoga: 1. Yoga exercises helps in improving the flexibility of body. 2. Regular practice of yoga makes the physical body & mind to maintain control. 3. The blood circulation pressure in the bosy can be brought in order with performing various types of asanas. 4. Certain asanas helps in rectifying any incorrect postures in the physical body and provides an improved alignment to your body. However, before practising any asanas or kriyas, you should perform under any expert’s monitoring. Meditation: Meditation is an work or practice in which a person trains his/her mind so that it focus on a particular thought to attain a higher state of mind.