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Each medical center shall receive customized overall performance reports; areas of poor performance become the center point of improvement initiatives for that medical center then. In addition, Northwestern Medication's Surgical Outcomes and Quality Improvement Center will lead the ISQIC Coordinating Center to provide quality improvement schooling and support, develop Illinois-specific performance outcomes and perform research around the initiative.Wansink notes, ‘Fulfilling employees for complying with health initiatives can be as easy as lowering co-pays, offering prescription discounts, vacation times, and vaccinations. Offering reputation is also a terrific way to show workers that their health and wellness are valued by the business.’.. Pamela W. Duncan, P.T., Ph.D., Katherine J. Sullivan, P.T., Ph.D., Andrea L. Behrman, P.T., Ph.D., Stanley P. Azen, Ph.D., Samuel S. Wu, Ph.D., Stephen Electronic. Nadeau, M.D., Bruce H. Dobkin, M.D., Dorian K. Rose, P.T., Ph.D., Julie K. Tilson, D.P.T., Steven Cen, Ph.D., and Sarah K. Hayden, B.S.4 million survivors might have significant restrictions in walking2 and are at high risk for falls,3 fractures,4 and further decline in mobility.5 Walking rate predicts the amount of disability.