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The study found mortality after hip surgery greatly by age and sexA multivariate logistic regression analysis published today in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, British Volume, that the variables postoperative postoperative mortality, ones that can not be controlled with pre-operative medical procedures. Until now, the literature has contradictory, but this study shows that had both period from fracture surgery and the time of the admission to surgery, no significant relationship with early postoperative mortality. ‘ Therefore, while from a humanitarian standpoint , it is desirable to provide a for for fractures of the hip, commit soon medically safe medically safe, this do the proposal that an operation must 24 hours 24 hours after admission to have been proven to improve the results to be incorrect..

Read the full text article.the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery – British Volume is a leading orthopedic journal with an impact factor of 1,JBJS-Br published twelve issues per year of high-quality, peer-reviewed investigation, leading supervised by an international editorial by editor James Scott.The journal was first published in 1948, published by the British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery, a registered charity , and with the objective of development and improvement of education in orthopedic surgery and allied branches of surgery the dissemination of knowledge about new and improved methods of teaching and practicing orthopedic surgery in all its branches..A little over one in ten people knew that they used the suggested two spoonfuls of of sun protection products that cover around the entire body, while wearing a Swimming costume. One-fifth to acknowledge to not use sun cream even.

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