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But how exactly is not clear efficacy potency.

The authors wrote in their background information that we have known that the cell division follows a circadian pattern for over a hundred years, but how exactly is not clear. – They also knew from a previous study by Ben – Shlomo that the molecules that make up the biological clock of cells called circadian oscillators with with the outside world using light and other time-dependent signals efficacy potency . For one hour.Shlomo and others at the University of Haifa a number of studies on the effects of artificial light at night have made.

You can study study, Rachel Ben – Shlomo of the University of Haifa in Israel and Professor Charalambos P Kyriacou of the University of Leicester in the UK, published in the February online edition of the journal Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics.

The investigators tested four categories of from 10 rats live in clear plastic – lens boxes the first two groups are for eight hours per day subjected to 0.8 parts per million of O3 for either of 28 or 56 consecutive days. The other two groups were neat to 28 days and 56 days, exposed to filtered air to eight hours per day. Following the eight hours of the testing, all of the rats experienced sixteen hours fresh air the night.