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The Helps Drug Assistance Program is usually a Federal government/State program that pays for life-saving AIDS medicines for low-income People in america. Nationwide, ADAPs serve over 165,000 people, accounting for just one third of individuals on AIDS treatment in the U.S. Unfortunately, the need for these applications expands every year, as increasing numbers of people become diagnosed and infected with HIV/AIDS; each year thousands of newly diagnosed HIV patients turn to ADAPs because they can not afford their medicines. ‘Senator Nelson has yet to say anything at all publicly about the Helps drug funding crisis wreaking havoc across this country and that by last week is continuing to grow and threatens the lives of over 1,000 Floridians,’ said Michael Kahane, AHF Bureau Chief, Southern Region.Geyer, Jr., M.D., Graziella Pinotti, M.D., Fabio Puglisi, M.D., Diana Crivellari, M.D., Thomas Ruhstaller, M.D., Eric P. Winer, M.D., Manuela Rabaglio-Poretti, M.D., Rudolf Maibach, Ph.D., Barbara Ruepp, Pharm.D., Anita Giobbie-Hurder, M.S., Karen N. Cost, B.S.D., Weixiu Luo, M.S., Karin Ribi, Ph.D., Giuseppe Viale, M.D., Alan S. Coates, M.D., Richard D. Gelber, Ph.D., Aron Goldhirsch, M.D., and Prudence A. Francis, M.D.