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CENiMED Announces Certification to GLP standardCENiMED.

Muschalek Muschalek CEO CENiMED explained: ‘It makes CENiMED the first and only laboratory in Europe to recommend capable pharmacogenomic data with regulatory authorities produce assumed for years strongly the agencies the delivery of pharmacogenomic. Pharmacogenomic data for the approval of new drugs that we are very glad that we are also gene expression analysis using Affymetrix technology as the only laboratory in Europe now. ‘.. CENiMED Announces Certification to GLP standardCENiMED, the leading provider of pharmacogenomic services in Germany is his certification to international Good Laboratory Practice standard developed by the German authorities, State Office Fri occupational safety, health and technical safety Berlin? .

Dr. Dirk Sawitzky, CENiMED CENiMED commented: This certification reflects the successful implementation of the highest international quality standards CENiMED and is another milestone in the flourishing development of our young company .Teresa Miklusicak an RN from Battle Creek, Michigan, exempt of four passengers, including two small children, from a smoking SUVs who had just flipped over front of her on the highway. Spite urging on onlookers who to escape potentially an explosive vehicles, she persisted, Been up any of four passengers from the danger zone – including the driver; his laceration held her with the hand, and Paramedic arrived. – ‘help our mission in Nursing Spectrum and Nurse Week has always and realize the nursing profession,’said Patti Rager, President and Publisher of Nursing Spectrum. ‘We are glad to share with the public, which heroic story of these courageous and thoughtful nurses.

Mary Evans, an LPN from Hickory, Mississippi River ran into the smoke and fires filled the house of their pregnant niece of in the try to save her four great nieces and nephew, a trailing a rear bedroom. Had collapsed through a broken window to heat and black smoke, she made it found and pull three the younger children to safety.

‘Every day all over the country , nurses dedicate their lives to others ‘ helping, Nancy said McKelvey, chief nurse with the Red Cross. ‘Even though its acts outside the call of duty are their exceptional humanitarianism, skill and knowledge can be go unnoticed. Welcoming Through in exceptional circumstances saved the lives of exceptional circumstances, broken arm.