• Home Dance companies and drugmakers are strange bedfellows.

Dance companies and drugmakers are strange bedfellows.

Home begins and ends with the audio of breathing as scores of dancers seethe at the guts of the stage. In between, the hiphop choreography is defiant and sometimes filled with sadness and isolation often. Like the tales which inspired it, Home is a celebration of life in the true face of stigma and illness. Prior to the premiere, Robert Fight, current creative director of the dance company, said a few words to the market about the significance of the collaboration.The cooperation with Panasonic to build up another generation of products for both clinical use and for home make use of by patients is progressing as planned,’ says Aerocrine’s CEO, Paul de Potocki.. Abbott’s sNDA for new six-month 45-mg formulation of Lupron Depot: FDA accepts for review The U.S.D., vice president, Global Pharmaceutical Advancement, Abbott. ‘Abbott is seeking approval for a new six-month formulation to provide greater comfort and dosing versatility to physicians and sufferers who could benefit from this medication.’ Lupron Depot happens to be available in one-month , three-month and four-month depot formulations.