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Although the residual threat of transmitting of HBV by transfusion offers decreased progressively,13,16,17 it remains higher than the estimated risks for individual immunodeficiency virus and HCV .18 We conducted a study to evaluate the use of nucleic acid testing in determining the amount of seronegative donors who’ve HBV DNA and to characterize these donors according to their risk elements and progression of molecular, serologic, and biochemical markers. We used a triplex test combining the detection of HBV DNA with that of HCV and HIV RNA. We also evaluated donors who have been seronegative for HIV and HCV but experienced positive results on nucleic acid tests.Of the elevation in meters; hip and waistline circumferences were measured and the waist-to-hip ratio was calculated. Surplus fat was measured through bioimpedance . Body composition was measured for 6 of the 15 individuals and the population controls by using dual-emission x-ray absorptiometry . Default configurations were used to define the limitations for gynoid and google android fat masses. We obtained skeletal-muscle and adipose-cells biopsy specimens from five sufferers and five controls. Subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue was obtained under local anesthesia by means of a 14-gauge sterile needle at 0 and 120 mins of an OGTT.