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Diagnosed with almost 9.

TB is changing and evolving, so that. New vaccines more crucial for controlling the pandemic Tuberculosis is now the leading cause of death for people with HIV / AIDS, particularly in Africa. Multi-resistant tuberculosis and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis impede treatment and control efforts. High volume technology is a vaccine technology developed by Crucell and is considered to an important part in the fight against emerging and re – emerging infectious diseases, and in biodefense ABOUT ADVA technology and Ad35. The technology supports the practice of inserting genetic material from the pathogenic virus, or parasites in a vehicle refers to a vector which then enters the immunogenic material directly on the immune system.

These systems are, however, by additional surveillance – Make sure for the pandemic situation are eg Continued assessment of the severity of the disease, this new virus this new virus and monitor changes in the characteristics of the virus.‘Differential diagnosis of PD: a metabolic imaging study of pattern analysis ‘Chris C. Tang, Kathleen L Poston, Eckert, Andrew Feigin, Steven fruits, market Gudesblatt, Vijay Dhawan, Martin Lesser, Jean-Paul Vonsattel, Stanley Fahn, David Eidelberg, DOI: 10.

Underestimated the authors wish thereby to enlarge in order to be able to differentiate others types of Parkinsonism.

Commenting: Automated image-based classifying has high specificity in distinguishing Parkinson’s disorders and could be the choice of treating of patients with early stage and identify subscriber to assist included in clinical trials. – They say: Blinded, prospective imaging investigations – ideally with several centers, a greater validation group , repeat imaging, and comprehensive post-mortem confirmed – are necessary in order to establish the accuracy of this samples – categorizing method.