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Dr Peter Saunders, general secretary of Christian Medical Fellowship, said: ‘The title of this conference may be ‘Global Safe ‘ but there is nothing safe about it, if you could consider having an impact on hundreds of thousands of lives canceled as a result canceled as a result, let’s be clear that this conference is about. Abortion abortion, rather than caring for the real needs of women.

If it were to meet the needs of women, it should be on the failure of governments around the world, focused to reduce the maternal mortality and morbidity have this conference with promoting the ideology and practice of abortion is not employed the. Real medical needs of women and children. The real threat to the health of women is the failure of women during pregnancy and childbirth and for their babies after birth care, the mortality of so-called ‘unsafe abortions ‘ was. – Inflated far from pro-choice activists With advances in medical care, there were very few women die un – safe abortions in the United Kingdom at the time of the 1967 Abortion Act came into force. .Research-intensive Copenhagen is one of most important research and educational facilities Scandinavia. The hotel is at the heart of in Copenhagen? To University is a member of the global university Allianz the IARU ().. On the University of Copenhagen inestablished in 1479, that University of Copenhagen being to oldest and biggest university Denmark. We intend to perform to research of the highest quality to offer research based teaching at the highest academic level so as to form partnerships with industry, and communicate of research about research environments, and the public at. The University assures independent basic research, devoid of economic and political interests.

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