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Early detection is key to recovery.

Smoking brings about many other health threats also. Hence, you should quit smoking as a high priority. 4. Reduce exposure to radiation. Excessive contact with radiation has been found to cause cancer of the colon. Radiation rays are harmful and will cause healthy normal cells to be unusual. It should be made by you a point to avoid unnecessary X-rays, CT scans, mammograms. 5. If you find yourself having symptoms like eczema, frequent flu, allergies, fragile immune system, poor motion of bowels, low energy, bloating, etc, then these signs could be indicative of too much toxins within your body.We are engaged in advocacy efforts with state and federal government policymakers supporting a open public health approach to address the problem. That approach includes increased usage of prevention and treatment programs and lifesaving overdose prevention medications like naloxone, enhanced education for physicians and sufferers and modernized and completely funded prescription medication monitoring programs.

Academic medical centers usually do not always practice the values they preach As the national conversation about healthcare reform engages millions of Americans, a new Brandeis study sheds light on the values of medical faculty who teach the nation’s physicians and lead in healthcare and research in the U.S.