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Ecosystems coupled However, there was lively debate between Dawkins and proponents of niche construction on the role of evolution within closely. Niche construction theory goes further than EP by suggesting variants) can make selective pressure acting on it by altering their environmental change in many ways beyond immediate constructions such as beaver dams. In niche construction theory, the link between changes in an organism genes and around rather loosely to operate without clear mechanism for natural selection coupled.

The EP notes that the genes may be expressed by an organism through its direct biological limit that is infected, for example, in bird nests, or the behavior of hosts by parasites. The key point is that the EP embraces built structures, such as the dams of beavers, whose quality variations variations, or alleles, in certain genes of the organism, so that natural selection can act upon it. A new allele that leads to better dam constructions will again express the beaver. Likewise, a parasite allele behavior of its host in a manner that the parasite caused change increases the chances of survival are preferred.

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