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Help transparency critical for effective task design & implementation in Haiti.

Help transparency ‘critical’ for effective task design & implementation in Haiti, elsewhere Saturday marked the third anniversary of the tragic earthquake in Haiti that claimed between 230,000 and 300,000 lives, Vijaya Ramachandran and Julie Walz of the guts for Global Development write in the Guardian's Poverty Issues Blog, adding, The grim landmark has prompted much dialogue about the struggles surrounding reconstruction and also some hope in what will come next. While [m]ost observers agree that the international response to the quake was mind-boggling, with an increase of than $9 billion in public and personal donations, we do not actually know how the amount of money was spent, how many Haitians were reached, or whether the desired outcomes were achieved, they state, noting they unpacked the numbers in a policy paper published in-may and a far more recent blog post http://suhagrastore.com/hair.html .

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