• Home In 2007secticide-treated bednets for African households needsJohn M.

In 2007secticide-treated bednets for African households needsJohn M.

They found that data, which is 43 sub-Saharan African countries for the year 2003 the average proportion of households that had at least 1 ITN 6.7 %, and an estimated 16.7 million ITNs were available in households threatened by malaria. Between 130 million and 264 million in 2007, ITN are required to meet the 80 % target for about 133 million children under 5 years and pregnant women living in 123 million households in areas at risk to reach.. In 2007secticide-treated bednets for African households needsJohn M. The Malaria Control and Evaluation Partnership in Africa at PATH, Zambia, and colleagues conducted a study to estimate the number of insecticide – treated nets in African households at risk of malaria at risk of malaria and how many ITNs are needed targets for use by children younger than 5 years to achieve , and pregnant women.

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