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In accordance with a role in the development of MRP4 PAHs.

The initial analysis showed the Hulot the expression the expression of MRP4 was significantly higher in the lungs of patients with pulmonary hypertension clinical than in those from healthy individuals. In accordance with a role in the development of MRP4 PAHs, mice MRP4 protected from pulmonary hypertension. Clinically important treatment reversed from normal mice with an inhibitor of MRP4 pulmonary hypertension. These data provide the rationale for the authors suggested that MRP4 for the treatment of PAH could be sought. Prevents inhibition of MRP4 and reverses pulmonary hypertension in mice.

As an expression of VentX was found that the expression of proinflammatory mediators immune cells from the immune cells from the blood of patients with autoimmune diseases correlated, the authors suggest that can dysregulation VentX play a role in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases.

Hutchinson – Gilford progeria syndrome is a genetic disorder that dramatically speeds up the aging process, children with HGPS die at an average age of 12 years. It is caused by mutations in the LMNA gene, lead to which production of a mutant protein known to progerin. Recently progerin was found in small amounts in normal human cells and tissues, that the understanding of it role in the normal role in the normal aging, was not determined. Collins and his colleagues have now found that progerin production in normal human cells , which is triggered by aging.– Although our step two clinical trials of has not provided conclusive evidence of a positive effect of preoperative treat photovoltaics, the results were encouraging, says Dr. Anchor Point. – you suspect foster photovoltaics a physical state that will allow us for, medications which we can use to which might minimize the patient’s immune system out of rejecting the Last organs. .. Four men and one women thirty-nine to fifty-nine years ago participated in the trial. Dual received a kidney from their brother , one from his daughter and two a spouses. One patient was lost proceed no without immunosuppressed drug and three others were successfully weaned from a conventional immune suppression regime to low-dose tacrolimus monotherapy.

The team resulted by Professor Fred Fandrich from the University of Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel, Germany, a technique which designed on tailor regulatory cells. The aim is to struggling infection, white cells in the blood the transplant recipient and they a highly complex method with cells from a living or deceased donors taken. The tailor-made cells are be administered administered to the patient again.

2) A cell-based approach to minimize the immunosuppression with the kidney transplantation Hutchinson et al Transplant International 742-754 .