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In the experiment.

In the experiment, two monkeys were trained, a video game, who want to test their ability to remember a particular photo and simultaneously so that they have a large or a small bet would ultimately play this bet monkeys performance of their performance of their memory accuracy.

Choice of high-risk icon after a wrong response loss of 3 loss of 3 tokens. Low risk bets were always carried a small reward followed. When the monkey accumulated enough tokens, it was rewarded with food. The results showed that the monkeys gave there a strong correlation between high-risk bets and correct responses and between low-risk bets and incorrect responses. But the results can continue to have wider implications as well. Notes notes our results are of general interest because non-verbal tests of the type adapted used in this and other experiments on animal cognition, in order to investigate the cognitive abilities of infants and children with autism.Realizel Association of School Nurses partner having Healthy Interactions To Childhood Health formation preceded.

The National Association of School Nurses , the leader in advocacy of student health and professional development of nurses Healthy Interactions, a world leader at health teaching today announced the beginning of 5 – standing partnership. To cooperation the development and sales on pedagogic at school Programme, the major health issues including obesity preventive, to live with asthma that. With peer pressure and depression, hygiene and an active lifestyle It should make the expansion of the Healthy Interactions innovative, Conversation Map learning method medical facilities to medical facilities to.

For further information visit, the National Association of School Nurses is a non – profit specialty of cultivation organization of, established in 1977, represents exclusive to nurses.. The Conversation Map approach makes use the power of small group dialog and collaborative learning improve the health. Using this method, group of children in an discussion a disease and about commitment, to recognize influence such as her beliefs and attitudes your exercise, and explore may and improve them to personal health Owners. Healthy Interactions Conversation Map tools are common using North America in 2005 will drastically improves healthcare ‘ capacity get involved patient and assistance behavior modification. In light some pressing challenges our youth, we with a with Healthy Interactions this new approach this new approach our schools.