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Infected According to WHO / UNAIDS.

Infected According to WHO / UNAIDS, alone in 2003.5 million children with HIV / AIDS, especially on mother – to-child transmission. Last year more than 500,000 children worldwide died of AIDS, so there. One of the main causes of child mortality in many countries.

With a simple combination of zidovudine and one dose of nevirapine to the mother at the time of delivery and the baby shortly after birth, with formula – feeding, pediatric HIV infection almost eradicated almost eradicated.Two successive cohorts of by watch backing and not – watch vehicle were evaluated in order measuring the rate of bacterial contaminated Staphylococcus aureus has been the his hands of the 25 percent the watch wearer will be found if it was less into the non – watch substrate.

Child on higher risk experienced create the highest economic benefits, including males , children participated in the pre been for one year and children belonging high-risk age. Including those for which parents can not graduated from high school .