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Information about and access to contraception.

Of the most successful teen pregnancy prevention programs use multilevel approaches abstinence abstinence funding, information about and access to contraception, school completion strategies and training;.

Nurses play an important role in the recruitment of young people into smoking cessation programs and / or he. To organizations such as the American Lung Association to help Nurses should also advocate for the implementation of programs like CASCP and for the inclusion of smoking cessation in health classes. ‘A Computerized smoking cessation intervention for High School Smokers’Deborah J. Et al Pediatric Nursing January to February 2008th.

Report Recommendations The report includes the following recommendations for physicians:Urge teens delay sexual activity and encourage parents to their children on reproductive health, responsible sexuality, decision-making and values ​​;.

Deborah J.The two enveloping machines and Not – inserting , it was found that a positive attitude to IUDs assurance and efficacy. But, 96 per cent wrote they felt inserting machines of the IUDs used discuss with their patients compared to 79 % non – inserters. In addition, 89 % believed to the inserting machines her patients is sensitive for discussion IUDs comparing with only 55 % of Not – inserting – one almost 35 % of difference. Inserters were even better knowledge of equipment, correct responses four questions must IUD often than non – inserters.

Finally, inserters were found significantly more IUDs inserts during their stays have no did the inserters. In If of pedagogical practice be amended to of inserts of insertions learn when domicile, this might the %age of general practitioners in practice that actually provide IUDs for their patients, medicine potentially the increased use this powerful a contraceptive method, said Dr.