Interestingly, after 30 days, the rates of less severe heart attack with Endeavor 0.5 % compared with 2.2 % with Taxus, a statistically significant difference. Late after eight months had become significantly greater with Endeavor compared to Taxus (0.

Likewise, survival rates were target revascularization at 12 months also similar .. Moreover , the Endeavor stent showed a lower rate of less severe myocardial infarction at 30 days, but a higher rate of angiographic late loss at eight months compared with Taxus stent. – ‘The primary endpoint of the study, the non-inferiority of target vessel failure between the two stents was measured fulfilled,’said Martin as Founder and Chairman Emeritus, CRF and Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center.Moreover Intel plans to core technology Use this component , the solution for product on new areas such as independent living and programs for health and welfare management targeted building and such as mobile phones such as cell phones and handheld devices. Intel is a trademark of Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and elsewhere.

Intel has years spent research into the needs of health professionals, carers and patients, and us now move by a number of products which cultivation care from hospital on Haus started. Our products help the challenges of aging populations and increased rates from chronic diseases. .. Intel Announces his First Home Medical Devices the UK to better connect Doctors & Dentists with patient.

The Intel Health Guide, a controlled device which bears the CE marking in accordance with EU Directive for Medical Devices is a comprehensive individual health which unites an in home patient device – of the Intel Health Guide PHS6000 – and a online interface – the inte Health Care Management suites – enables clinicians to supervise patients in their houses and managing nursing care distance.