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Furthermore, amenorrhea was induced more rapidly in patients receiving 10 mg of ulipristal acetate than in those receiving leuprolide acetate . All scholarly study groups showed related improvements in pain, quality of life, and hemoglobin levels . After the final end of treatment, about 50 percent the patients had surgery . Comparable proportions of individuals who did not undergo medical procedures in each combined group maintained improvements in bleeding, pain, and quality of life during follow-up without treatment . For individuals who did not undergo myomectomy or hysterectomy, ulipristal acetate showed a more sustained influence on the reduced amount of myoma volume through the following 6 months without treatment than did leuprolide acetate .They are also threatening me that this is just the 1st lawsuit and they have intentions to sue me for defamation, because as their biggest distributor I pulled out of selling their product and voluntarily offered most of my clients refunds for his or her purchases. I intend to vigorously reduce the chances of these claims. Why is Adya, Inc. Suing me? When the whole ‘Adya drama’ transpired, which I’ll describe further below, I emailed Adya, Inc to ask easily could come back our unopened and untouched item stock, which was all received to your warehouse in the last 7 – thirty days of that request. They responded yes and provided me a ‘pro number’ for this return. I then spent $5,000 – $6,000 to ship the product back. After I had currently paid to send the product back, they rejected the shipment.