• Home Lee was interested in melanoma rather than other forms of cancer http://cialissverige.org.

Lee was interested in melanoma rather than other forms of cancer http://cialissverige.org.

Lee was interested in melanoma rather than other forms of cancer, in part because of of the fatal nature of the disease that kills about one-sixth of the 47,700 people expected to strike this year. Unless melanoma detected early and removed, there is no effective treatment, although research groups have been testing vaccine therapies for the disease http://cialissverige.org . However, Lee worried when researchers better understand immune deficiencies in humans, the vaccines would have a low probability of success. If you are not tackle the underlying immune defects, then vaccines are useless, Lee said.

Rule interferon as a critical signal in the activation of immune cells, said Critchley – Thorne. Without the ability to respond to interferon, these cells could recognize the cancer, but not to turn properly.

Was reported , the number of HIV / cases of AIDS China in 2007 was to 45 percent higher than the number in the year 2006 reported for a report released Friday the country Ministry for Health, Xinhua / Shanghai Daily report. The government in November 2007 estimates that about 700,000 HIV-positive people in China live in the year 2007, compared with an earlier estimate of of 650 According to Xinhua / Daily, 223,501 HIV / cases of AIDS had been official end of 2007 report. – The Ministry of Health reporting do not contain detailed figures and indicate the growth of registered cases (Reuters Health, a project manager with of China HIV / AIDS Information Network, the report does not want the HIV / AIDS situation is becoming worse , added: the increase could in further screening assays (Juan, of China Daily.

AUTHOR CONTACT: Alena Donda University of Lausanne, Epalinges, Switzerland.The immune response to tumors is often fitted very weak when increased with the slide against invading viruses compared to anticancer immune response via TLR9-activated pDCs. It has been proposed that this difference is as the tumor microenvironment does not provide signals which select immune cells are announced as the pDCs on with their Toll-like receptors . Consistent with this, Patrick Hwu and colleague had able to make a potency tumor -specific CD8+ T-cell immune reaction in mice, that two tumors inducing by injection of TLR9 activated pDCs directly in to the tumors. Important that in tumor specific CD8+ T – cell immune response is not limited to the tumor, in the by the TLR9 -activated pDCs had been injected with. To TLR9 activated pDCs were shown, this anti-tumor through the recruitment by the recruitment and activating NK cells, what in turn activates CDCS from mice immunized to induce activate cancer -specific CD8+ T cell. These data were glimpse in a cascade of immune -cell activation, which may result into anti-tumor immune response, More Information for development to the development of new therapeutic approaches antitumor provided.