• Home Lesotho: This year grain harvest is estimated that 24 % higher than last year.

Lesotho: This year grain harvest is estimated that 24 % higher than last year.

Lesotho: This year grain harvest is estimated that 24 % higher than last year. Lesotho produced 133,000 tons of grain , which will together with carryover stocks, to approximately 155,000 tonnes available cereal compared with a domestic consumption need 383,000 tons. Vulnerability remains among the poorest widespread, with very poor families could cultivate their land rented to others, which grow their own ability to secure a livelihood. For most areas, the poorer households depend on food aid and increase their numbers, cereals including rise considerably in the coming months.

Kaiser Family Foundation. You can view the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, search the archives and sign up for email delivery at Kaiser health news.. Mozambique: of the of the review, that food security and nutrition in the country improved significantly, and the need for food aid should fall as much as 30 per cent among non – critically vulnerable groups. The country produces 2.3 million tonnes of cereals, including carryover stock compared with a national provisions of 2.6 million tons. The assessment found frequent daily meals and better household nutrition, Water has improved, thanks to this year good rainfall and an increase of new and improvement of existing water holes.

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