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Local health authorities say 740.

The condition begins with flu-like symptoms and severe headaches. Based on the World Health Business, 50,000 cases of Japanese encephalitis are documented in Asia each year, leading to 15,000 deaths and permanent disability for most.. 740,000 vaccines had a need to control outbreak of Japanese encephalitis urgently According to official resources Japanese encephalitis must time claimed 19 lives in the northern Chinese town of Yuncheng in the Shanxi province. Local health authorities say 740,000 vaccines are urgently needed to inoculate all residents of the province under the age of 20, however they have at present only secured 400,000 vaccines.This surgery is performed by removing tumors and part of the surrounding tissues. Most section of the breasts is conserved as much as possible. The various surgical techniques of breasts cancers differ in the number of removal of breast tumors just with respect to the features of the breasts tumors. Through the medical operation the physician very often eliminates a few lymph nodes beneath the arm as a fundamental element of the surgery.