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Long-Termnational symposium on managing nuclear waste for a million yearsU.

Courts have decided that the federal government must be a system for the management of nuclear waste, which of the of the population and the environment for a million years, a period, has 200 times the length of recorded history. On January 7-8, a symposium titled ‘Uncertainty in Long-Term Planning – Nuclear Waste Management, A Case Study’will bring together experts from government, business, academia and environmental organizations on the Vanderbilt campus to potential evaluate ways to achieve this unprecedented goal and the associated risks and uncertainties..

Frank Distinguished Professor of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from Vanderbilt , who gave an innovator in nuclear waste management and environmental protection. On Monday, four decades he has. Several major international studies of nuclear waste issues for the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, led, among other.

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