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Los Angeles Times. Federal health officials tore doubts about a last-minute funding scheme from California to nearly 700,000 children in front of his government health insurance program for the working poor U.S mail order pharmacy . Health officials say keep the plan adopted the State the final days of the legislative session in September and in law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed can not be the legal screening result, children’s health advocates warn that by the end of next year, hundreds of thousands of poor young people could coverage coverage. Though the Obama administration continues its push for universal health care . Institute, whichukee Journal Sentinel: The Milwaukee School Board has 20 years of ignoring a fiscal time bomb in the form of generous and unfunded health insurance benefits for retired MPS teachers and staff, which cost the district $ 5 billion is for a new report by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. On Monday, the president of the conservative Institute, which conducted the report, George Lightbourn, said the study raises serious questions about the School Board financial supervision financial supervision of the district and that it lends support changing the governance structure of MPS (Richards.

New leadless cardiac monitoring device for continuous accurate detection and recording of cardiac arrhythmiasThe new implantable cardiac monitoring device based on the single platform technology of the latest pacemaker BIOTRONIK series and provides advanced detection of atrial fibrillation and other cardiac arrhythmias in combination BIOTRONIK Home monitoring with unique wireless technology. Subcutaneously, without the need for any implanted electrodes placed in the patient’s heart, the new device provides physicians important clinical and diagnostic information about their patients’ heart conditions. It is capable of accurately detect and document numerous types of cardiac arrhythmias, such as AF or heart block , which can often causes of causes for unexplained symptoms such as palpitations or syncope. Furthermore, it enables therapy optimization and monitoring of success and medication after AF ablation in patients without an indication for a pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter – defibrillator .

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