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Medical Costs Soar for Smokers Who Develop Artery Disease: MONDAY.

Researchers analyzed 2011 health insurance statements data from more than 22,000 PAD individuals in Minnesota, and discovered that annual per-patient health care costs were $18,000 higher among smokers than among non-smokers. The hospitalization rate was 49 % among smokers, 35 % greater than among non-smokers, the findings showed. Smokers were more likely to be hospitalized for leg problems, heart attack and cardiovascular disease than nonsmokers, the University of Minnesota Medical College researchers found. Sue Duval, a co-employee professor of cardiology and biostatistics, led the project. The scholarly study was published online Sept. 28 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The findings highlight the need to get PAD patients to stop smoking, which can benefit their health insurance and significantly reduce their medical costs, Dr.AHF had first reached out to Florida condition health officials using its preliminary proposal for the centralized medication donation/pharmacy services strategy late summer last summer months; AHF after that contacted the seven leading Helps drug companies using its proposal via letter. The drug companies rejected AHF’s proposal. The drug companies, and their existing patient assistance programs consist of: Abbott Laboratories ; Boehringer-Ingelheim ; Bristol-Myers Squibb ; Gilead Sciences ; Merck ; Tibotec and ViiV Health care .