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9.30 to 05 Wednesday 8 February Key advances in the clinical management of renal failure a day long conference to highlight what is a common problem and is look at what ‘s new in the dialysis. Meeting program:.

‘You do not know, but assume it will if you do not need them. As with antibiotics, there is a risk of selection for resistance resistance and it is important that the medication be used only where there is a clear advantage. ‘.

11.30 to 12 Wednesday, February Lecture: Can architecture make a difference in people’s lives? Speakers include Dr. Ann Nobel, Chair of Architects for Health and Professor Ray Moss, Goodman Research Fellowship, Imperial College. Meeting program:..The study concluded an increased incidence of ischemic heart diseases among parents of women who experienced several miscarriages before their first birthday. The survey found that it is., A 25 percent increased risk of of the parents by women having two previous losses and 56 percent greater risk in parents of female with three or more losses The link was does not seem other factors such the women’s age, marital status, Rather social and – economic deprivation be explained.

Ultimately, better understand the mechanism these associations could help to the identification of novel treatments. ‘.

Women who are experiencing repeated miscarriages are are more likely to parental a heart condition from heart disease, says new research in BJOG published: An International Journal Obstetrics and OB.. ‘The meaning of this work not be that those Child used for used to a miscarriage and heart disease predicted the contrary, that is important. 2014 and suggests that this some common biology explained explain both results.