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Acupuncture really works for lower back discomfort: Research A unique rather than well known type of acupuncture under western culture, motion style acupuncture treatment , can be used in Korea for lower back pain or various other musculoskeletal areas of discomfort that hinder movement. MSAT requires assisted movement of the affected area with acupuncture needles inserted in appropriate points gurdjieffcolombiabogota.org . Acupuncture’s success for LBP has long been established. But comparing acupuncture’s ability to address severe lower back pain and improve flexibility had not been in comparison to non-chiropractic western medical interventions. The Korean trialA Korean scientific trial was performed in 2011 titled: ‘Motion design acupuncture treatment for acute low back discomfort with severe disability: a multicenter, randomized, controlled trial protocol.’ This trial was intended to determine if acupuncture would be effective plenty of for managing aLBP without side effects as a more useful treatment for returning back pain sufferers to work with less expense and higher efficiency.

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