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Not one that be a million.T cells important post – stroke problemAfter a stroke, the brain tries to protect itself by blocking all inflammation. However, this is also the patient is very susceptible to infections , which can lead to death. Researchers now have the mechanism behind this response and how it may be treated discovered. The research is published this month in the journal Science.

Early signs that NKT cells makes humans very similar to NKT cells behave in these mice is highly relevant to human stroke.’the research does not the stroke the stroke itself, ‘said Connie Wong, also a co – author of the study and member of the Snyder Institute at the University of Calgary, ‘but by providing novel therapies promises significantly reduce death rates associated with stroke. ‘.

This research publication has been recently of Faculty of 1000, a site for researchers to identify and evaluate the most important articles from biomedical research publications have been recognized.

AMA President, Dr Andrew Pesce, many people look forward to the time at the beach or participating in other outdoor activities over the holidays after their family reunion at Christmas.Anti-agingng mysteries are in the cardsA new set of TCGs from SAY Cross Roads a fun views of the heads of behind the newest offers theories on aging and immortality. That Serie sections the 48 most effective, cutting-edge, and controversial researchers in the field in aging research. – Trading cards is a fun and simple possibility for introducing the public to the people who are will be shaping Handling science, research and policy, says Daniel Perry, Exectuive director of, Alliance for Aging Research. They underscore important work that this expert do and show the variety which projects under way throughout the world.

Is started in the year 2003 by the Alliance for Aging Research and the American Association for Advancement of Science , a chance to policy makers, journalists, researchers and public offers to come together business and leisure rapidly developing field of aging Research.

– Aubrey de Grey, a ‘prophet of longevity’, who thinks aging is curable, – Rudy Tanzi, into at Boston, is breaking new ground in to the research on Alzheimer s disease and.. FORECAST Cross Roads is a leading online resources on new issues relating to human aging. Its objective is to perspectives from the entire spectrum to the aging and health congregations and provide a platform for the interaction and elevated represent.