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People with heart disease who drink.

People with heart disease who drink, even moderately, may be a slightly higher risk of a common heart rhythm problem have, a new study suggests.In general, experts say, if you already have a moderate drinkers , it’s probably okay it it.But modest drinking to to a reduced risk of AF in combination. And the new findings suggest, when people already heart problems, moderate drinking actually more cases of AF bound.

Impossible to know impossible to know whether moderate drinkers binges AF episodes were related.. After Mukamal, it is not surprising that moderate AF offer no protection against AF. Liang and his colleagues do, a separate analysis where they people who excluded a history of binge drinking reported -. Having more than five drinks at a time And the results were similar.

But, Mukamal -mail-mail, not the study repeated measure binge drinking habits over the five-year follow-up.By pharmaceutical partners and to the governmental authority which regulates the use of medication , be in a position to about address this problem and to improving patient care hoped.. The individual patient Center New Funds To Make Safer Medicines, UKThe Medical Research Council Award 3.7 million on designing a new center to reduce the risks of adverse drug reactions? Scholars work at the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester with leading pharmaceutical companies to improve the understanding of unwanted side effects and to study designing the design, tailoring and choice of medicines.

Professor parking added that. It brings from experts Science, research organizations, government and industry and will be training programs clinical and non-clinical safety of medicines scientist This collaboration being essential if we are increase our understanding. Why some patients react bad to a certain drug. .

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