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Many children, and adults, too, can permanently right their vision problems and eliminate the resulting problems in a matter of months through vision therapy, which is actually physical therapy for the eyes, said Dr. Cook. While these vision complications are relatively easy to correct, they often go undetected. But parents and teachers can watch students for these and various other signs: frequent head aches, re-reading material, rubbing of the optical eye or tilting of the top, decreased comprehension and overall performance the longer the training student works, and spending hours performing a few minutes' worth of homework..The editorial personnel has extensive encounter producing scientific research publications, including experience with The Lancet, Nature, Journal of Clinical Investigation, British Medical Journal, and others. Editors say they are consciously creating a journal with global medical relevance. Based on the World Health Organization, only ten % of medical study targets disease and circumstances that account for 90 % of global health problems. On top of this, the outcomes of the research that focuses on global health issues are often inaccessible to nearly all health care providers who need it most in other parts of the world. As well as the research papers, PLoS Medicine includes a provocative section for essays, debates and commentaries. PLoS Medicine is the result of a crafted carefully, solid business model that additional journals can adhere to.