Briner Distinguished Accomplishment Award in Nuclear Pharmacy Practice, says Executive Director and Chairman of NANP, Jeff Norenberg. Through this support, NANP seeks to guarantee the enduring acknowledgement of nuclear pharmacist practitioners who’ve produced distinguished contributions to promote guidelines in the specialized practice of nuclear pharmacy. For over 30 years, the NANP has worked in close partnership with APhA to promote and advance the career of nuclear pharmacy and to ensure patient access to safe, dependable, and effective radiopharmaceuticals. Founded in 1997, the award was renamed in 2000 in honor of Captain William H. Briner, a pioneering radiopharmacist, who helped bring the practice of pharmacy to nuclear medicine.Clark, CEO and Chairman of Aegis Living, ‘We are really proud of our newest community. It certainly combines the most effective of most our communities with the addition of some features that people don’t have somewhere else like our fresh exclusive Living 4 Life program. Residents have found this location to be what they are looking for just.’ Aegis Living’s innovative wellness program, Living 4 Existence helps residents maintain a long, healthy and active life. The best minds in each field offer expertise to maximize wellness for all residents.