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Professor Alastair Compston.

Professor Compston a significant contribution an important contribution to a number of important areas in the field of MS. He is a truly international figure who has inspired many through his research and teaching activities. He is a worthy winner of the Charcot Award and plentiful deserves its place among the major writers in the field of MS , which were awarded with this award in the past. I congratulate you on behalf of all Members of the International Medical and Scientific Advisory Board of of the MSIF. Professor Alan Thompson, Institute of Neurology, London.

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Clinical NeurosciencesHis interest in the clinical aspects of MS and its treatment has always been of utmost importance. In 1987, he led the earliest controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of high dose intravenous methylprednisolone for the treatment of relapse of MS. He was also a member of the 2001 International Panel produces the new diagnostic criteria for MS..Levinson said the team looked at six DNA highlighter in this area the first study and an additional 88 as second. ‘We found extremely important evidence for the connection of depression in this particular part of chromosome 15, ‘he said. ‘This is the of the strongest genetic linkage findings on depressions so far as. ‘ – ‘This is an important security,’said Peter McGuffin, dean of the Institute of Psychiatry King’s College in London, in the study. In the study. McGuffin wrote a commentary on the research, which will appear in the same issue. Non-genetic of the first big linkage studies were on the genetics of depression.

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Levinson which group consisting of researchers from six university , achieved this opening through the study 650 families, research, which least two Member suffered a made repeated attacks of major depression in childhood or in childhood or young adulthood.