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Professor and head of anatomy and cell biology at the UIC College of Medicine.

Huntington ‘s disease is an adult onset neurodegenerative disorder marked by progressive mental and physical deterioration. It’s been over a decade that develops develops the disease mutations in a particular gene called huntingtin known by Scott Brady, professor and head of anatomy and cell biology at the UIC College of Medicine. There are several puzzling aspects of this disease, said Brady, who is co-principal investigator of the study. First, the mutation is there from day one. How come strain a perfectly functioning nervous system, despite the mutation, but as they are in their 30s and 40s, they begin to grow develop these debilitating symptoms? We need to understand why. The protein at 40 bad, but it was not 4 bad .

– It is a common theme and a common Achilles heel of the neuron, all of these diseases is based, Brady said. We have a word dysferopathy, ) for these adult-onset diabetes invented neurodegenerative diseases. All have disruption of the axonal transport system in common. .. How is itton’s disease decryptedResearchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine have discovered how the mutated huntingtin gene to the nervous system the the devastation of Huntington’s disease affects. The report of their findings is online in Nature Neuroscience.

The researchers showed that the mutated huntingtin gene a particular enzyme, called JNK3, which is only expressed in neurons, and continues to show what effect activation of this enzyme in neuron function has been activated.

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