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A suggestion that scientists at all levels of education and awareness training, so that they its legal and ethical responsibilities and the possible consequences of their research to get. ‘. The Royal Society 6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG Tel:+44 20 7451 2500 Fax:+44 20 7930 2170 E-mail:.. The report reflects the views of scientists and politicians who attended a meeting – Do no harm: reducing the potential for misuse of life science research – which was held at the Royal Society in October. – Professor Julia Higgins, Vice – President of the Royal Society, said: ‘The scientific community has now recognized how important it is to take steps to reduce the risk for the misuse of life science research, without the many advantages offered by this research, a clear view of the joint Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust meeting was that prevention would not prevent publication of research findings, abuse, so other approaches must be pursued.

‘The obesity epidemic is not gone and it leads to a significant morbidity and mortality,’said Dr. Daniel Bessesen, professor of medicine, said the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. ‘While there is a consensus that something must be done, no generally accepted no generally accepted organized national plan for addressing this public health crisis. ‘.

Drs Bessesen Myron Genel, a senior research scientist , presented at the Yale University School of Medicine and Leonard Wartofsky, professor of medicine at the Georgetown University School of Medicine and former president of The Endocrine Society, the latest advances in research and treatment of obesity and offered recommendations to implement the Congress the obesity epidemic the obesity epidemic could..This BMA report will be published constantly as further proof of workforce planning and projected updated The BMA has criticizing the lack of clear design the lack evidence-based planning in NHS for many years.

There is assembly clinical proves that in many fields the medical practice, there is a need, number of consultants with expansion which has taken place at the increase over recent years, to ensure that patients. The maximum nursing, and the NHS delivers its services in which most cost effective way term planning the current numbers based adviser development the most in the following fields needed:.

Many other the hospital consultants across the UK to preserve and improve which quality of health care in the NHS, of the BMA tells in a new report1 ‘improve the quality: consultants consultant expansion into the NHS ‘, publish now (Wednesday, the BMA has called2 help for Minister of Health, Alan Johnson, his campaign for longer advisers..