• Home S patented vibrating mesh technology turns liquid medication into a good particle mist.

S patented vibrating mesh technology turns liquid medication into a good particle mist.

‘It is an excellent honour for Aerogen to be recognised as the Medical Technology Organization of the entire year 2013. As an Irish owned firm we are immensely proud of the fact our life saving items is sold in over sixty countries around the world and that today Aerogen is normally a recognised global brand innovator in acute-care aerosol medication delivery’ John Power, CEO, Aerogen commented. From Aerogen's MBO through to its repatriation of the manufacturing process the business has implemented ways of drive global business development from its Galway base. Through its high performance team the company has generated a holistic approach to medical device business advancement encompassing sales, marketing, engineering, customer and manufacturing care. Aerogen shall continue to grow and prosper and become an Irish Medical Gadget success story.Better communication between doctor and patient means better decisions and better medical outcomes general, and solutions like ARC's Telehealth System can play a vital function in enabling that conversation. ARC Fertility will end up being at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Culture for Reproductive Medicine , October 19-21 in Baltimore, MD, where they’ll be featuring the Telehealth System to selected IVF Clinics.

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