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Said Anne Houdusse.

My lab contribution is only a part of this incredibly complex and important puzzle, and the current picture is the fruit of research conducted by many brilliant scientists is to understand By trying to inhibit the activity of certain engines as for metastases or. Cell proliferation, we hope against against cancer. .. The committee praised Anne originality and creativity in research and their courage to make difficult areas of science and endurance results in order to achieve results. We are on a on a very puzzling and interesting question: how motor proteins convert chemical energy power force, said Anne Houdusse.

Winners of the award are role models future generations of future generations of women in science.. Portuguese President Silva ratified Bill that abortion Restrictions RaisesPresident recommendations response Silva said in a statement that women who abortion an ultrasound of the fetus should be shown , and that the doctors that the case against it should be permitted advise, they will. He added that women should also be the possibility of adoption the possibility of adoption and the psychological and physical consequences of abortion . ‘The president can not remain indifferent to the fact that there are 59.25 percent of the vote to lift the ban on abortion, ‘Silva said office in a statement: ‘According to the law will be implemented to monitor it to determine can be effectively reduced can be effectively reduced not only the number of illegal abortions, but also the number of abortions in general ‘.As a result the session performance objectives of the first two years of existence, California physician groups was a total of about $ 90m P4P bonus payments in the seven insurance participating in the Settlement. Bluecross, the Blue Shield, Health Net, PacifiCare and Western Health Advantage.) California biggest health plans a reward doctor group with financial services for these groups of the performance the quality of the the quality of nursing care measures, patient satisfaction, by approximately 40,000 Info technology vendor better and more safely supplies.

Targanta Therapeutics announced today the results of two studies which an improved activity of oritavancin bacterial growth bacterial growth in vitro when used with of the common wetting agents and testing a study demonstrating that oritavancin activity of against S. Pneumoniae in a mouse of pneumonia. Oritavancin a novel lipoglycopeptide antibiotic which Targanta lead product currently in post – Phase 3 clinical development. April 2007 – The results were to the 17th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and 25th International Congress of Chemotherapy in Munich, Germany from 31 In Mar. Presented.