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Says APHA Executive Director Dr.

‘APHA applauds congressional leaders for taking up this critically important effort and urges Congress to complete the job.’.. APHA urges Congress to finalize health reform legislation ‘Cover the Uninsured Week’ May be the Right Time to use it, Says APHA Executive Director Dr. Georges C. Benjamin in Statement ‘The American Public Health Association supports Congress as it seeks to finalize extensive health reform legislation this week. The measure before Congress and the programs to strengthen it represent the best opportunity our country has had to improve our health and wellness system and strengthen general public health. We can not squander this brief moment. ‘We must expand affordable medical health insurance insurance to those who find themselves uninsured, provide funding for public health insurance and prevention activities, implement much needed coverage and insurance reforms, strengthen the Medicare system and enhance the health care and public health employees.Sleeper is the Division Head of the Texas Tech University Wellness Sciences Center School of Pharmacy’s Geriatrics Division in the Division of Pharmacy Practice. She received her PharmD from the University of Rhode Island and Specialty Residency training in Geriatric Pharmacotherapy from TTUHSC School of Pharmacy In Amarillo. Third ,, the faculty was joined by her at the TTUHSC College of Pharmacy’s Lubbock campus in 1999. She became a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Professional in 2000 and a Fellow of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists in 2002.