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– ‘The novel therapies recently introduced could make a big impact on some very difficult-to treat cancers, such as those that , in spite of all other forms of therapy,’said Lynn Schuchter, ASCO co-host of the news magazine briefing and professor of medicine at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania. ‘Particularly exciting, a new monoclonal antibody that improves survival for advanced melanoma and a promising treatment for medulloblastoma, the most common form of brain tumor in children. ‘.. ‘ances in Novel Therapies for cancer report Results from studies on some of the latest novel cancer therapies were at a press conference of the 46th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology released.

– Dasatinib is more effective than imatinib in newly diagnosed chronic myeloid leukemia: A phase III study has found that dasatinib better than the standard first-line drug imatinib , is cytogenetic to effect and molecular responses in patients with newly chronic myeloid leukemia diagnosed. Ted therapy shows early signs of benefits for Drug-Resistant medulloblastoma in children: over a small phase I study of a novel targeted agent for children with resistant medulloblastoma showing initial evidence of therapeutic benefit, with at least one patient still on treatment a long period without disease progression.Director of the Sarver Heart centers from the University of Arizona in Tucson when breast – compressing just been develops CPR. ‘Continual cardiac massage no mouth-to-mouth resuscitation bystander launched the preferred approach for witnessed unexpected collapse that generally by cardiac arrest. ‘ Add a limited invitation editorial entitled ‘Cardiac Arrest – Guideline to change much requires ‘call of the same issue of the journal, Ewy notes that eliminate the need to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation being do not only more effective but should be and dramatic the incidence of bystander initiated revival of efforts of..

The survey says in The Lancet, analyze the results of of 4,068 instances observed collapse of the adult in the Kanto area in Japan. The prospective, multicentre monitoring study called SOS – KANTO is to first large-scale account comparing the survival rates from out-of – hospital heart failure patients that were treated either with or without mouth-to-mouth ventilations of spectators to the scenes. – In cardiac arrest, the term ventilator is actually a paradoxon, says Ewy. We now know that it is not only does not Translation but it is often harmful. .