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The 2009 Sponsors http://silagra.net.

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About Geisinger Health Systemfounded in 1915 and is Geisinger Health System is one of the nation’s largest integrated healthcare organizations. With more than two million residents throughout central and northeastern Pennsylvania is the physician-led organization at the forefront of the country, rapidly developing electronic health records movement. Geisinger is universities of two medical center, three hospitals, a 740 – member group practice, a not-for-profit health insurance company and the Henry Hood Center for Health Research is dedicated to developing innovative new models for patient care, satisfaction and clinical outcomes together.

Today reported Insight Pharmaceuticals presented AzedraTM 12-month efficacy data Phase I clinical single in neuroendocrine tumors.

Add 12-month data reported today, a single dose not Azedra been shown to be good tolerated by patients, and toxicity was foreseeable and controllable. A stronger and revealed Azedra clinical benefit, stabilization or reduction tumor volumes in a majority of patients. Twenty-one patients in increasing doses 6-9 mCi / kg. Destination Tumour response according Response Criteria at solid tumor was obtained every three months. Also Known confirmed response rates per to RECIST been partial response on three patients , stable disease on 14 , progressive disease of two and can not be evaluated for two not did follow-up scans. All three patients to public relations demonstrated this reaction at the first post – therapeutic visit was to three months and receive the response 12 months. There are currently no has undergone authorized treatment in the U.S. Of patient with metastatic neuroendocrine tumors so a targeted radiotherapeutic how Azedra that provide a stronger, more effective therapy were might therapeutic advance therapeutic advance, said R. Edward Coleman. Of of the Duke University Medical Center, one author and researcher on the study These results by one year of treatment, U.S. Food and Azedra therapeutic can be be able to benefit lot patients who are metastatic pheochromocytoma or paraganglioma. .