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The European Food Supplements Directive goes live August 1.

They just can’t enforce this statutory legislation without embarrassing themselves by performing stupid things, like raiding a vitamin company like it was a cocaine bust. The only method they can get away with this is if all of the vitamin businesses in European countries roll over and comply. If you voluntarily comply with the ruling, you are giving it power and legitimacy. But if you peacefully resist – – and record your resistance – – this DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS Directive shall under no circumstances stand. It is time to resist. It’s time to stop rolling more than and accepting this ongoing health oppression.Several years ago, Andrew Butler, Ph.D., professor of pharmacological and physiological science at Saint Louis University, and his lab uncovered the peptide hormone adropin. ‘Adropin is a badly understood hormone,’ Butler said. ‘We 1st reported its discovery a little over six years back, but we really didn't know very well what it did. We understood it played a role in maintaining metabolic health, but we didn't know very much beyond that.’ In another latest paper released in Diabetes recently, a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal released by the American Diabetes Association, Butler and team offered a first definition of adropin's functions that maintain metabolic wellness.